Heating film

The heating film is the high quality heating product used mainly for: underfloor heating, wall heating and ceiling heating. Today, there is no better, more advanced heating technology than a heating film. The high quality product will ensure you with the maximal thermal comfort in the whole house. The thin, but extraordinarily efficient heating film will let you heat effectively almost every room. As the whole structure is installed directly under the panels, the technology is almost invisible. The full automation lets regulating the heat level according to our expectations. The electric underfloor heating with the help of the infrared heating film has a significant influence on the well-being of people in the room – it not only provides the maximal comfort in use but it has also an impact on the immune system.

-The heating film is an innovative solution which is currently the cheapest heating system. The investment cost is low and the exploitation cost is similar to the central gas heating system.

-Heating with a heating film is a user friendly system. The heating film used as a surface heating, in which the heat goes through the whole surface in a low temperature, guarantees the lack of dust mites.

-The heating films are an ecological heating system fully compatible with OZE.